We were fooled, and you?

Banc de Binary Scam

Frank J. Stites
Frank J. Stites
Economic Analyst, Pro Trader, former Banc de Binary client

The usual sad story

«Brokers of binary options and consultants are not always honest. This is an objective reality. You must protect your money. Don't let them fool you and stay away. Otherwise You will not see your money again. I'm talking about banc de binary scam»

You can read such message on many forums. People complain about fraud and understand they cannot return their money. The most interesting is the amount of money they lose sometimes. This is not counted in the tens or hundreds of dollars. It's about tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Have you ever lost one hundred thousand dollars? Everything can happen when it comes to binary options and banc de binary scam. Some players have lost a million. Their cry on the forums is not a complaint of a person who hopes for help. They just want to warn other guys not to do mistakes. They have no hope of returning dollars and restoring justice.

The mistake of newcomers is inadequate research. People believe in advertising, they hear a pleasant slogan, they want to hope for success. If the player is interested in the broker's reputation carefully, he does not work with bad broker, he doesn’t think anything about banc de binary scam. In general event a man reads laudatory reviews about the broker. He does not even take it closely enough. For a good trader he doesn't pay very good attention.

The result of laziness and inattention

A man invests money. A smart broker knows how to make a good profit. The player's income is growing, this is a big monetary figures. But he does not hold cash; he sees his success only on the website with the schedule. Even if you receive money nominally, do not rush out until you have them in fact in your hands. The trader's income is growing, but he does not take any of this money for his personal expenses. The broker does not advise do it and the trader does not spend money.

Maybe a trader was able to buy a villa, but he would never do it with a lying broker because of banc de binary scam. In the end, the player wants to get money; he has many desires and already mentally spend income. The broker discourages him from this, but the player wants to get his cash. The smart broker knows this guy very well; he knows how to persuade him of the last deal.

It is the same transaction that helps to lose up to 90% of dollars, the guy can no longer buy a villa. How is this possible? This is obvious; he should not wait long until the withdrawal of money. A man must be adamant.

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Creating misconceptions about betting

Another situation, the guy has a complaint with banc de binary scam only after some time, after the start of cooperation. He deduced money many times and there were no problems before. But now there are difficulties with the account manager and some other things.

He reads about different stories on forums, but he does not know if such a situation will happen with him. He does not know the time when withdrawal becomes impossible. Perhaps it's a matter of time for him if he works with a false broker. Many people do not believe in money losing before it happens.

This happens often; people complain about incorrect information about the rates. The company insures funds, but you should read the contract very carefully. It may be beneficial for the organization to deceive you. This is good, if an experienced trader have understood immediately what happens. If you act quickly, you save your money. Sometimes it's about big money. Imagine $ 30,000, imagine the pain of losing such sum.

What a novice trader should know?

You must not confuse binary options with stock options. These are two different concepts. The exchange option was created to guarantee depositors stability. The buyer receives shares for money at the current price. Nobody knows whether the enterprise will prosper or not in the coming year. A large production is always stable, every buyer knows this. If a large company suffers of losses, then its team changes its business strategy. Thus, large corporations can survive at all times. They invest money in development.

If the buyer has not guessed the dynamics of the success of the enterprise, he does not lose too much money. This is really in most cases. If the stock falls, it still has a value. If it had a high price, then it can not fall off the stitch quickly, the owner able to sell the asset. Thus, even an inexperienced owner of shares still has his own money. The question is just that he only has to make a profit, and how much profit he gets each year.

In the fact the binary option trader plays in a lottery. He can bet on shares of a large stable corporation or gold. The world is full of ideas which are valued high to invest money profitably. If a guy buys gold or land, he owns an expensive asset that can be sold. But if a man makes a bet, then he has nothing. It is possible for him to lose a lot of money because of the insignificant decrease in the price of gold. But he lose almost nothing if he buys real gold.

So draw conclusions, what is better. You are adults. The purchase of real shares, land or gold does not bring quick income. But the risks are less, too. A trader can work independently, buying real shares. But his income cannot be great. He simply makes investments, he stably owns the asset. But people want to earn. If a guy invests money, then he wants to keep income in his hands. The solution to the problem is not simple. It is difficult to find the right balance between desires and opportunities. Just be careful investing money, read reviews on brokers on forums. The opinion of real people is very valuable and informative. So, do not forget about banc de binary scam.

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